Buildozer Installation

1. From executable jar

This is a console-based installer; it takes no arguments, asks no questions and just installs the software:

  1. download setup jar from buildozer-setup-1.0.0-alpha-5.jar
  2. run it with
    java -jar buildozer-setup-1.0.0-alpha-5.jar
  3. proceed to "Post-installation instructions"

SNAPSHOT version - development preview

is for people who cannot wait for the next release and are willing to risk less tested version.

Instead of above link, use this one and use it similarly: buildozer-setup-1-SNAPSHOT.jar

2. From Maven commandline

WARNING: This option has been discarded and may stop working soon.

  1. Prepare repositories - you need to have following repositories available, either configured in your inhouse mirror, or in your local settings.xml:
    • bbx-alpha at
    • bbx-beta at
  2. Then you install it by following command:
    mvn net.sf.buildbox.maven:installer:1.0.0-alpha-10:install -Dwhat=net.sf.buildbox:zer:1.0.0-alpha-5
  3. proceed to "Post-installation instructions"

Post-installation instructions

Linux post-installation instructions

Please add the following line to an effective place in your ~/.profile or .bashrc script:

source $HOME/.buildbox/etc/buildozer/buildozer.rc

This defines shell aliases and bash completions for easy invocation.

Windows systems post-installation instructions:

Please make sure that %USERPROFILE%\.buildbox\bin is in your PATH environment variable.

  • select "My Computer"
  • right-click menu "Properties"
  • tab "Advanced"
  • button "Environment Variables"
  • section "User variables for ..."
  • select variable "PATH"
  • click "Edit"
  • add "%USERPROFILE%\.buildbox\bin;" at the beginning of the variable value