• Build only what's neccessary. That means, buildozer invokes Maven on modules that have changed since last time, and those depending on them.
  • Find reverse dependencies. buildozer can find all modules that depend on a specified module.
  • Indicate detailed build progress. While running a build, buildozer is "listening" on the Maven's output and passes only important information to the user, based on specified logging level

Experimental features

  • create XML dependency graph for all modules involved in the build (in file ~/.buildbox/var/buildozer/graph.xml)
  • support for output in XML format

Ideas and Features that might come

  • select specific Java and Maven version on a per-module basis
  • support other jobs to be performed/scheduled as part of the complete build - test, site, custom goal/ant task
  • cache parsing information
  • provide Debian and RPM packaging to install easily on Linux
  • provide JNLP-based installation option