Buildozer Glossary

Several terms need to be explained, because they can be understood different way or have slightly different meaning in other contexts.


is a piece of software which we develop. Somewhere on filesystem there is a codebase with full source code, pom.xml and/or other metafiles needed for building deliverables or library packages out of it.

This codebase needs to have entry in module registry so that buildozer can really handle it as a module (rather than as a library).

Module can be further reused as a library if it successfully installs its output artifacts into the local repository.

Module version should, by convention, end with -SNAPSHOT suffix; there is very rarely a reason to break this rule.


is a piece of software which we can use with our modules for compilation, testing or execution.

We rather want to use it than to develop it; that is, there is no (registered) codebase for a library. Its artifacts reside in Maven's local repository.

Module registry

is mapping between module location (== basedir, codebase) and its logical identification expressed with Maven coordinates :

  • groupId
  • artifactId
  • version