Buildozer commandline syntax

zer --help
 <dir>|<moduleId> : modules to process
 --help (help)    : show help
 --log-level      : log level: TRACE|DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR
 -p               : show progress line


  • depends - search depending modules
  • do - perform transitive build (default command if none specified)
  • info - show module information
  • reg - register modules from selected directory subtrees
  • unreg - unregister modules from selected directory subtrees

General options:

  • --log-level or -vv, -v, -q, -qq - select console output verbosity
  • --xml - switch output to xml format (experimental)
  • -p - enable "progress" line (experimental)
  • --help - show commandline synopsis



Reverse dependency search - lists all registered modules that depend on any artifact of the specified module.

This command takes one of two forms:

zer depends <groupId>:<artifactId>:
zer depends <groupId>:<artifactId>:<version>

The output shows separate list for each version and specific artifact (classifier, type).

Look here for more.


The implicit command that performs transitive build.

zer .

All specified directories are considered the "target" modules that you need to compile with latest changes in dependency modules and their own code.

If the directory points to a multi-module pom, all the submodules are considered "target" modules is if specified directly.


Shows various parsing information on specified modules. Work in progress.

zer info .


Seeks for any maven modules below specified directories and registers them in the module registry.

zer reg .

Look here for more.


Unregisters all modules with basedir below specified directories.

zer unreg .

Look here for more.



Switches the output to XML format. This is an experimental implementation and may be changed in breaking way in future versions.

The goal is to allow easier integration with other tools.

-p and --log-level

Option -p turns on progress logging.

Option --log-level takes the desired log level as its argument; it can be one of TRACE,DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR.

These levels can also be set using shorter option form: -vv, -v, -q, -qq which indicates how verbosity is changed.

Look here for more.