How to contribute to this project

Generally, any sort of help to this project is welcome. Here are some hints on how you can be useful:

Report bugs.

In addition to few intentionally added "testing" bugs ;) there could be some unintended; please report them as specified on issue tracking page. This applies to stuff like:

  • missing / inexact documentation
  • hard to understand or incorrect behavior
  • internal exception propagated to console
  • dangerous constructs, code smells

Post patches.

If you dare to go through the scary code and make a nice improvement, just send the patch to the buildbox group.

The instructions for getting source code is here.

Provide graphics.

The buildbox logo, buildozer logo, or just anything else - especially if not yet equipped with graphics - can be a challenge for you.

Spread the word.

Write about it on Twitter, join/become fan of the buildozer group on Facebook, post articles on your blog - any feedback is welcome.

Proof-read website.

There are probably many errors on the website. Native speakers will have enough opportunities here :)

Also, feel free to suggest re-phrasing of existing text, or adding whatever might be missing.


In return for your contribution, you will be given a good feeling coming from the fact that you participate on a cool project. Besides that, your name, nick, website and other details that you decide to share will be listed in the table of contributors.

In case of longstanding contributions, your work or other investments will be described in more detail either here, or on a dedicated "credits" page.