args-inject: How it differs from other known libraries

Commandline-handling libraries

At the time of writing, following "competitors" are known to me:

Plus, some inspiration comes from cvs, svn, svnkit, spring and other projects.

Comparison table

When creating this comparison table, I used this (in french) as the base.

commons-cli args4j args-inject
license MIT Apache Apache
java version 1.5 1.4 1.5
declaration of options runtime annottations both runtime and annottations
multi-value support yes yes yes
embedded help yes yes yes
custom value types no yes yes
internationalization yes no no
subcommands no no yes
POSIX like options yes no no
GNU like long options yes yes yes
Java like properties yes yes yes
automatic unmarshalling no yes yes

Note: should you find any mistakes here, please let me know